Wandering eye/s

Hi All,

Just wondering if any of you have had a work colleague or a friend notice your eye or eyes moving when they shouldn’t be? In other words, I guess it’s a gentle nystagmus going on. Today, in a meeting, one of the girls I know quite well told me she could see my left eye “wandering”. I don’t feel particularly dizzy or anything but I do feel tired and have trouble fixing my eyes on a target if I really try to hold a distant point still in my visual field.

I found the whole thing quite embarrassing really … that someone can see my eyes moving in some bizarre way from this bloody migraine problem.

I’ve been sort of floating along using 5HTP over the last 2 weeks and notice it completely wipes me out about 2 hours after taking it. I just want to sleep!

Anyway, given the above and the fact that I’ve started a new and demanding job, it’s time for real migraine drugs. SSRI time for me.

Scott :oops:

Hi Scott,

Yes, I’ve had a similar experience. A coworker, who is also a friend, told me a few times last year when my vertigo symptoms were in full swing that she could see strange movement in my eyes. I’m sure she was talking about nystagmus. She and my boss could gauge what kind of day I was having just by looking at me.

I had the same experience with 5HTP so I quit taking it. The last thing I need is something to make me more tired during the day!

Which med do you think you will try?


Hi Scott,
yes my family has noticed my eye’s quickly bobbing up and down during my worst dizzy times.
I’ve had the goggle test and nothing was seen by the Doc, at the time.
Good luck with the SSRI’s , my effexor is doing wonders for me.

cheers jen


My eyes wander all the time. Although, I think my case is a little worse because when they start trying to wander, they also want to kick into full nystagmus mode when I walk or just about any quick motion. I can also feel when they are trying to do that because I have to fight it to focus on anything.


Brian…i haven’t had anyone mention about my eyes…which i’m surprised because i go thru some days where i’m feeling lousy and the motion is overwhelming that i might go into a vertigo spin. But what they do say is “what is wrong joe…you are so quiet and reserved”. They really can pick up that i’m not feeling well…that i’m preoccupied with my motion. Here lately my equilbrium and motion has been more intense. I don’t know if it’s because i have a lingering chest cold that has my body out of wack or …i also noticed that since i’ve been off the Topamax (for two weeks) that i’ve had to increase the Xanex daily just a bit. Not sure what is going on. But i certainly feel what your saying because sometimes on bad days i feel my eyes are all jacked up.


I haven’t had any wandering eye problems, but eye problems in general…yes! I’m having a tough time wearing my contacts. My eye doctor told me that when you wear contacts, every time you blink they move a little in your eye. She said this may be aggravating the dizziness because my eyes are already trying to “keep things still” that this could be triggering additional dizzy feelings. I have a new prescription being ordered so hopefully it will work out…I am not a glasses person, they kind of make me dizzy in a different way too :? I really hope once I get the dizziness under control, the annoying eye stuff will get better too. Hope the same is true for all of you too!