WARNING! Cloverfield

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Movie causes vertigo and vomiting in some viewers

Posted: Jan 29, 2008 02:21 PM

FAYETTEVILLE - “Cloverfield” is a new horror movie, following five young New Yorkers on the night a gigantic monster attacks the city. Some viewers say they like how the film was shot: with a shakey hand-held camera. But others say it made them sick to watch the flick.

Malco Razorback Cinema employee Daniel Kolb says some people don’t believe him when he tells them the effects the movie might have. “They throw caution to the wind; ‘I won’t get sick! I won’t get sick!’ and then, ‘oh, who’s that, running by?’”

For some people who watch Cloverfield, it’s not the movie’s monster making them most uncomfortable. Allison Greig says she was surprised at how badly she felt. “I just thought I was going to feel a little dizzy and have a stomachache, but about half-way through the moviel I realized it was a little more serious than that.”

Kolb says what he sees outside the theater is scary. “It’s just people running to the restroom and vomiting.”

Using a hand-held camera to shoot the movie means viewers feel a part of the action, but for some, this effect causes vertigo, or extreme dizziness, and it can turn an evening of entertainment, into anything but.

Greig says she didn’t think she would become sick enough to leave, but she was wrong. “I definitely threw up, and it was because of the shakiness of the camera, and it just made me feel very motion-sick.”

Kolb says he’s just glad people are still trying to make it to the restrooms. “I’m happy for them to be running, out of the theater, and getting to the bathroom on time.”

Many theaters showing the film are posting warnings, telling viewers the filming style of Cloverfield may make them experience nausea, motion sickness, or even have an epileptic seizure. And Kolb says this isn’t a laughing matter. “Yeah, we’re serious. We are very serious. We don’t want you throwing up in our theaters! We did have one situation right here at the women’s restroom, at that plant.”

Unfortunately, some, like Greig, got the “memo” a little too late. “I felt like a big dork until I realized that everybody else is getting sick, too.”

But, getting sick didn’t stop Greig from finishing the show. “I went and got sick and then I came back and watched the rest of the movie…sort of.”

The movie did pull in $41,000,000 on its opening weekend, making it the most successful January release gross of all time. Apparently, for some, the shakey camera is worth it, even if they do get sick.

Vertigo is caused when a person’s balance system gets out of whack. Your body feels a strong sensation of movement but, you aren’t really moving at all. The disconnect confuses your brain, and can cause dizziness, nausea, or blurred vision after quick head movements. Worse symptoms are vomiting, fainting, or epileptic seizures.

 If you're interested in the film, don't let this stop you from seeing it; movie officials say most people are unaffected by Cloverfield's shooting style. 

If you’re still worried, try an over-the-counter anti-vertigo medicine, like Dramamine II, or simply watch the movie on a smaller screen, at home.



No way will i put myself thru a couple of hours of shakey cameras so that i can become dizzy and possibly nauseated. It don’t make sense…atleast for me. I never saw the “Witch Blair Project”…and i defintely won’t see “Cloverfied”…atleast on the big screen. Maybe when it comes out on DVD i could rent it but Pause it or fast forward if the shakeyness it too overwhelming…you have more control.


The Bourne Ultimatum seems to have the same problem:
“I will fully admit that I had to close my eyes several times during The Bourne Ultimatum. Not because of graphic violence. Not because I feared I’d be unable to control myself in the face of Matt Damon’s rugged handsomeness. Not even because I reasoned that, if Julia Stiles was going to be rendered mute, perhaps I should render myself blind out of solidarity. Nope, as with The Bourne Supremacy, I averted my eyes because director Paul Greengrass insisted on shooting the entire film in such a frenetic, kinetic, hand-held way that the unrelenting shaking of the camera can actually induce nausea if not tempered with, you know, closed eyes.”

Not that it matters much to me, I can’t watch any kind of TV or movies as of right now… Hoping to get my damn life back soon :?

I just saw the Bourne Ultimatum, on a TV, and I actually fell asleep–but I do that a lot with TV–and your analysis is beyond funny, but bittersweet because you should get your life back, and keep those amazingly witty comments coming.

— Begin quote from “kira”

I just saw the Bourne Ultimatum, on a TV, and I actually fell asleep–but I do that a lot with TV–and your analysis is beyond funny, but bittersweet because you should get your life back, and keep those amazingly witty comments coming.

— End quote

I think you missed the quotation marks. :wink:

I did miss the quote, but even if you didn’t write it, you found it…
I don’t like those kind of movies, action vs plot, and I find Matt Damon doing ultra flat affect (or maybe he can never convey emotions) immediately induces sleep.

ditto re Matt Damon