Warning over combining medicines for the elderly

Thought I had better post this as it involves the anti depressents, antihistamines etc. that we are taking.

If I found a combination of drugs to give me quality of life while I am here, not sure it would bother me, but it pays to be informed.

Maybe the elderly patients had other stuff going on as well?


Well worth sharing, and . . .

  1. It pays to be informed, but mainly if I understand enough about it to make intelligent decisions. My docs always ask what other meds I’m taking, prescription or OTC, before prescribing anything.

  2. A dear friend is taking a strong anticholinergic drug, prescription, because it helps with his Alzheimer’s. A bugger, but it’s worth it to help this fellow, a Mensa member, retain some vestige of his former memory skills.

  3. As the article noted, it’s association, with direction of causation not proven. It seems quite plausible that combining the drugs could hasten death, but also quite plausible that the drugs tend to be combined for people who just have more bad stuff wearing at their systems.

  4. There’s an ongoing issue with big pharma of not adequately testing drugs in interaction, nor with all the population subgroups with which they might be used, . . .