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WAS: Only use to access site UPDATE: Fixed!

UPDATE: It no longer matters, you can use either address now.

Houston we have a problem

Guys, apologies, something has broken with the build script such that there is no certificate being requested for, so you will not be able to access the site there. You will get a horrible disconcerting message if you attempt to connect via www.

Please only use for now

Update your bookmarks!

If you’ve installed mvertigo as a web app:

Delete the current ‘app’.

Just go to Chrome and navigate to and add it to homescreen. Make sure it does NOT sneak in ‘www.’. (if so just delete the www.).

Then add it again. Tadah!

(Similar process if you have iPhone)

I’ll fix it properly when I have time, but snowed with other work atm.




OK I finally got around to fixing this. You don’t need to do anything but various existing links across the internet will now work again as navigating to will no longer bring up a scary message in your browser and now will instead automatically redirect your to

Apologies once again for all that mess.

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Just deployed yet another improvement to this, such that if you visit either:


you will safely be redirected to

I think this closes this issue out for the time being.

Except that the .org domain has recently been bought by a private company (unbelievable that was allowed to happen!) and I’m not confident the inevitable cost increases will allow us to remain at this address forever …

I’ve also fixed the Facebook (ew) and Google sign-up options.