Was out tonight for my birthday this evening

And almost, almost (almost) completely forgot I had this condition.

That’s progress!!

You can get there too!



Happy birthday, and congratulations!..you are learning to LIVE with your condition! That’s a big part of the battle won! :slight_smile:

Thank you Beth!! Yes!

I’m still not giving in though, I WILL get better :wink:

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That’s great! Happy birthday by the way :slight_smile: we Have to keep living life even with this!


Yes and lack of avoidance of social activity is CRITICAL to your mental health. It’s a virtuous circle if you limit your avoidance.

Happy birthday fellow Capricorn, my birthday is next Monday!

Well done for celebrating, I am being treated to a spa day by

my youngest daughter. M

Happy Birthday James!

So great when you have moments when you can forget you have this.

I’m slowly getting there too, after another relapse last week, but just got to pick myself up and keep trying. I tell myself everyday I WILL improve and get better too. So important to be positive !

Thanks ! Yes very. I’ve had one relapse a month recently but always come back to trend line. Not had one this month. Who knows, I may get lucky!!

Tinnitus was improving but I’ve had some shocking ear pain of late. None today though!

Happy birthday and glad to hear that your night went well!

Thank you Jon!

What dos relapse mean for you? I had one huge “vestibular nueronitis” (initial diagnosis) that kicked all this crap off 3.5 years ago and one other huge “relapse” since. It takes me about 12-18 months to recover to functioning from both. You said you get relapses once a month? Does it feel like an episode and it’s done? Mine is constant

that’s similar to what happened to me. I had 4.5 weeks of suspected ‘vestibular neuritis’ after having pointed a shower into my ear. Then virtually no symptoms for 5 months, then bang. My condition is chronic. When I say relapses I really mean big peaks in symptoms - i’m nearly always at least mildly symptomatic and without meds I"m a complete mess. But the day of my birthday was one of those days I was enjoying myself enough to be sufficiently distracted. Its a big mental challenge this condition to say the least!

I have no faith in ‘vestibular neuritis’ as a diagnosis. Mine was clearly brought on by trauma, not a virus. There is a lot in the ear that is mechanical and fluid dynamic related that might go wrong with injury - even basic blockage with otoconia and other debris.