Wasted on Prothiaden

Hi guys,

I’m on day three of 100mg of Prothiaden (previously 75mg) and am absolutely zonked. Trying to get through the day vertical is like walking through a dreamy swamp, or swampy dream. You get the picture. I just want to crawl into bed. I don’t recall feeling drowsy (wasted) on my previous doses, nor when I accidentally instantly titrated from 75mg to 225mg (true, I didn’t feel good at all but I blamed it on jet lag).

Anyone else have this problem (with any med) once hitting a certain dose? I guess I’ll keep going and hope it burns itself out.


Hey Vic,

Sorry to hear you’re getting hit with some side effects. All I’ve ever heard about all of this is that the side effects should lift over a week or two but if dry mouth starts and doesn’t let up that’s when you’ve reached your limit.

How are you today?


Hey Scott,

Not so wasted today, thanks for asking! Some low level rocking is all. I just hope the comatose wasted drowsiness doesn’t come back, especially as I titrate up to 150mg. I’m not too worried about dry mouth - I drink a lot of water every day anyway - you know, to eliminate the evil “toxins” :lol: .

How are you going on the Paxil Valium cocktail?