Water sports not an option?

Hello. On a lovely vacation in Anchorage, Alaska (and surrounding areas), and I decided to be brave yesterday and today by boating in choppy waters and kayaking for the first time. Um, not sure what happened because I took 5mg Valium an hour prior to each activity, ate a light snack. Boat tour was yesterday–lasted about 2 hours, had to keep head still and view the horizon most the time to avoid getting sick. Felt slightly rocky when i laid down for bed last night but slept it off. Woke up normal this morning, but didnt make it 10 minutes into the water on the kayak! Had we not turned around, it would have been yucky. Recovered about an hour later, and i am currently back to my “baseline” (this kayak adventure was 6 hours ago). My former dr. told me I had mdds but these water issues do NOT seem consistent with mdds at all!!! Other than getting a mav diagnosis/treatment, is there anything else i can do about this? Can I take Dramamine or wear seabands in addition to Valium? Oh, I may have made the mistake of sitting in the rear cockpit of the kayak…?..

I’m sorry you are having this problem on your vacation. I wish I could give you some advice on meds that would help, but I have never taken anything and have always either steered clear of long drives or stopped every hour to walk around a little. I haven’t gotten on a boat because it scares me. I was on a boat for about 2 hours on a lake once and it made me feel a little unbalanced.

I’m glad you are feeling better though. It honestly just might be too much movement for too long of a period of time for your vestibular system. I hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation!

Seabands shouldn’t interact with any meds. Technically Dramamine and Valium have interactions, but people do use them together. I would ask a pharmacist or your doc to make sure it’s okay with everything you might be taking right now. Sorry it was such a rough time. I didn’t do well with rocky waters, even before the MAV. I feel your pain :frowning: