We are having storms

We are having storms and boy do they make this stuff worse. My head feels like it weighs a ton and the rocking sensation is more intense…

Of course it does not help that I have not slept well the last several days, spent yesterday in the ER with my stomach issues…

I am pretty sick of being sick…I would really like to wake up from this nightmare and it all be a dream.


Sorry the Storms are aggravating your condition. Do you live in the mid-west? I know it was stormy there on Wednesday.

I have to agree with you…i am so sick of being sick! Wouldn’t it be something if we were to wake up and found out it was just a god awful Dream? Wow!

Get Better…


I have also been worse during the last week or so. I live in the Boston area and it has been very warm and humid. Temps in the 90’s for 5 days or so but really humid, I think it is the humidity and the heaviness of the air that really bothers me. Now we are waiting/watching Hurricane Bill which should pass off the coast of New England this weekend so I am expecting to have to take it easy and expecting to be more “off” than usual.
Hope things get better for you soon.

It has been VERY hot here for the past several days and my allergies have kicked in very badly. I have felt awful, but then again I ALWAYS feel terrible.

I am in Georgia and the rain has been hit and miss the last several days…so until it evens out I am sure that it will be worse than normal.