We have a Saint among us!

Just a quick update…

In my never-ending quest to find relief of this blasted illness, I flew down to California yesterday to see a physician that truly listened to my case, thought about my symptoms, and has devised a gameplan to try and get my brain re-wired so I can be “normal” again (whatever the Hell that is :mrgreen: )

Kelley (aka “Rockysmom”) drove all the way from Vegas to be with me at the appointment and listen to the physician and help scribe the info. for me to review on my way back to Washington State.

She has seen this doctor before …thus the reccommendation was made from her. (and thank God she did…because for the first time in years, I am cautiously optimistic that this physician will find a way to re-wire my brain and get me back in the flow of things!!!)

If I could re-pay Kelley with a free heart transplant (my line of work)…I would in a second :lol: I just want everyone to know how caring, thoughtful and helpful she has been in my long journey.

I know we all help one another here…but she goes over and above anything I could imagine that I am eternally grateful for her help and wisdom.

Maybe instead of a free heart transplant , I will just buy her a glass of good wine and call it good. :smiley:

Thanks Kelley…you are a champ in my book!!!

I will keep you guys posted as my physician is eagerly looking at my case, reviewing blood panels, and devising a gameplan as we speak. Keep your fingers and toes crossed! :slight_smile:


Todd, love the post. Kelley is indeed a wonderful person and deserves every word you posted. How is this physician going to rewire your brain? I’d love to know what the plan is.


He actually spent 2 1/2 hours talking with me about my ailments and my trial and errors with medications.

I have had variable success along the way…only to see it poop out quickly.

He took a vested interest and was frantically going through his medication journals to see how the different cocktails of medications that I have been on effect one another.

ie. Klonopin has made me feel better temporarily…but when taken with Effexor, the Effexor reduces the potential benefit of Klonopin and ultimately brings me back to my baseline. (which the clinical terminology is “shitty”)

So…he is researching which medications can be taken together which will not adversely effect one another.

He sounds confident…I am simply cautiously optimistic (but hopeful, which is a good thing :smiley: )

Will keep you guys posted.

First Mother Teresa…now Saint Kelley :smiley:


sounds like Kelley has a great heart already :lol: hope this d rcan get oyu on the right path to "normal’

She’s the best! … and the hottest biochemist/ pharmacist I’ve ever met. :smiley:

Awww good luck to you Todd!!! Kelley has given me some great advice in the past and always tries to help people figure out there dilemmas! Keep us posted!!!

Kelly’s heart is certainly in the right place and her advice is always greatly appreciated :!:

Good luck on your quest for a “brain -rewiring”, Todd. Let us know how things work out for you.

I know that if I saw your physician, he’d probably tell me my only option is a brain transplant :lol:

Kelley is a sweetheart, that is for sure :smiley: .

Good luck on the re-wiring project Todd!

So glad to hear you were able to find a doctor who will work with you to conquer this beast. And glad that Kelley was such a great help!

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She’s the best! … and the hottest biochemist/ pharmacist I’ve ever met. :smiley:

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Pics please.

I live in California and would love to get the Doctor’s name! I’m in need of one since nobody here seems to know what to do with me either. That is incredible of Kelley!

You are too kind and ur appreciation really warms my heart. The only thanks I’d really love to get it for you to get well. Keep in mind fellow mav’ers, Todd, upon hearing that my sister is waiting for a double lung transplant, offered to be her champion and care for her in his home until he could help her get her lungs . That is without ever meeting me!! So I think what goes around comes around… I’m happy to be of help!!
The doctor is in laguna niguel, California , and his name is dr. Martin Jensen. Supposedly he has updated his somewhat archaic website, so I’ll have to check it out. He really has a different approach to how these odd neurological oddities come about. He believes a lot of them are caused by viral/bacterial damage in the brain. He has seen how psyche meds have helped so many people. Fingers crossed he gets Todd figured out!!
Ps… Scott, I put $20 in the mail :slight_smile:

So nice to hear about fellow travelers along this wobbly road stepping up and being there for each other!

We are a unique group - one we wish nobody else would ever have to join - and it’s such an unusual condition, when you think about it from an outsider’s point of view. Hard to understand or even to empathize when one can’t see an obvious disability or handicap just to look at us. We, however, “get it” and truly understand what living this way is like.

I like the idea that we look after our own!! :smiley:

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— Begin quote from “scott”

She’s the best! … and the hottest biochemist/ pharmacist I’ve ever met. :smiley:

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Pics please.

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Amen to Scott…people that know that much about medications and chemical reactions are not supposed to look like that!

They are supposed to look like they do at my hospital…wear Lab Coats and walk around in the dungeon of the hospital like Igor. :lol:

Some people have all the luck!

Have a nice weekend to everyone…me and my wife are celebrating our 17th year anniversary (Yeah!)

Going biking and then a Bed and Breakfast sans kidlets! That’s what I am talking about!!! :mrgreen:


Todd… great news!! Kelley is an angel… she has also helped me long distance… i’m in virginia… she has “pmed” me several times and helped in my quest for wellness… i hope and pray that this doctor finds a solution for you!! if so, i may be taking a flight to california!!! good luck my friend… i’m so happy for you!! :smiley:

Such a neat story :slight_smile: Kelley I hope your sister gets her transplant soon.

Todd, I really hope you are on the road to relief soon! I called Dr. Jensen a few months ago thinking I might see him when I was going to be down in CA in August. He called me back at 6pm on a Friday night! He sounds like a very good doctor, and if things go south for me with the topamax, I may consider going to him next!

One thing I wasn’t sure about though was the bloodwork and insurance–did your insurance cover the bloodwork down there, or did your doctor here in WA State request the blood panel that Dr. Jensen likes to run?

Good question. I gave my insurance card during the blood work portion and it remains to be seen how much they will cover as it was “out of network”. I may have to pony up the incremental difference , but that is a non-issue.

Also, I let him know that I worked at a hospital in the Northwest and I wanted him to order all of the “basics” at my Lab up here , since it is covered at 100%.

I only had the tests drawn down in Cali that could not be performed at my hospital.

Hope that helps!


I am glad you have found such a caring doctor who truly wants to help you on this journey, and kudos to Kelly for being so awesome! She has always helped so many on this forum from what I see and I havent even been here too long. I really hope you find the right treatment and it sounds like you have a doctor that is going to work with you no matter what. I look forward to seeing your updates. Congrats on your 17th anniversary :slight_smile:

Todd - been a long time but I’m always thinking of you and praying that you get your wires uncrossed!! Seriously - you my bud!! 8)

And Kelley - yep, she was one of the first people on this board to take me under her giant wing (so to speak) and help and advise me.

When I win lotto - I’m going to take all of us on here white water rafting on the Colorado River - that should sort the fecking MAV out!!! :twisted: