We predict massive storms

There was a discussion a few weeks back that touched on a possible evolutionary advantage of migraineurs: that we can predict the weather. :lol:

Well, a couple of days ago, in the middle of the afternoon, I was hit with an overwhelming sleepiness. Which wasn’t a good thing because I was driving! Turned down the heat so it cooled off the car, and stopped to get an iced tea so I could get some caffeine in me. I got home, and slept for 45 minutes. Major prodrome.

The “pre-snow” hit yesterday afternoon - an appetizer of sorts - and then it stopped (the calm before the REAL storm), and then this afternoon the blizzard of the century started. It’s still going on here in the midwestern part of the US.

If not for Topamax, I might be very dizzy or having a headache right now - but so far, no breakthrough problems. Just the prodrome, which wasn’t harmful since I made it home OK. But I don’t remember a prodrome quite like that one - and we haven’t had a storm quite like this one in a long time. Depending on the final snow totals, this could be the biggest blizzard ever around here! The good news - we got sent home from work early, and were told not to come in at all tomorrow. Snow day - yay!

we are in the middle of a storm now. i didn’t used to get sick from weather changes - maybe a little bit in the summer but not in the winter because it always calmed down any pollen out there - it is 1 degree F today and yesterday was snowing all day long and i felt horrible - i still have a lot of head pressure and ear pressure and some dizziness but yesterday was really bad. i guess i have MaV :frowning: