Weather Changes

First of all I hate this weather! Severe changes in the weather knocks my MAV into full gear.

I live in the midwest, and last week we had over a foot of snow and ice on the ground in the single digits temperature wise. This week, it has been in the 40’s and 50’s, raining, and the snow is all gone, along with my balance. I have had to take a day and a half off from work so far, and I am struggling to get through my day at work today.

I cleared off my night stand with my rear-end this morning trying to get out of bed. Out of the hundreds or more times that I have fallen, this is the first time that I have gotten a bruise, and I have to sit on it. :frowning: I have freaked out a few people at work today when I sat down on the floor before I fell down. These go along with all of the other little problems that go with the nastier of my dizzy spells.

The worse part is that 2 or 3 years ago, before I recieved a diagnoses, I delt with this on a daily basis and I was much more able to cope with it. Now that I get these nasty spells much less often, I am not used to them and have a hard time dealing with them.

Oh, well, just wanted to vent.

Brian, I’m real sorry you’re suffering so badly again. I have the same problem when I have a symptom that even comes close to resembling what I had to tolerate when I was at my worst. During that time, I learned to get thru each day, pretty much hour by hour, knowing this nightmare of an illness wasn’t going to actually kill me. Now that I’m feeling much better and more functional I get a little freaked out if things feel like I’m back-sliding - I know I was able to cope with it before, but I do not want to go there again.

Hang in there,


Thanks Julie

Brian…living in southern California where the weather does not change so drastically…so i don’t notice alot of change with my MAV as much. Although, in the summer time during July and August i have noticed that i’m affected by extreme heat. Stress and Diet are the Big indicators for me.

Hope you get to feeling better.