Weight gain

Who has put weight on from the meds?

I don’t know if mine is because of Pizotifen or Nortriptyline

I put on almost 2 stone (28lbs) in the eight months I was on Pizotifen. I hated it! Lost it all very quickly when I stopped taking it though.


I haven’t put on any on nortriptyline, in fact it seems to keep me at a lower weight for some reason!

Not sure about Gabapentin yet, have heard most people put on a load of weight on it so we will see x

I have gained 11 lbs on Nortriptyline… :roll:

I’ve been on Pizotifen for 2 months and have put on 3 kgs and scales are climbing :frowning: symptoms arent totally gone either so makes me wonder about its effectiveness…

I have put on 2 inches around my waist since december. :x havent gained weight…just inches…which i think is WORSE. im on amitriptyline & Verapamil & cipralex.

i really start to get off my a$$.

Oh yes. Never had a weight problem my entire life until I started trialing meds. It’s a bitter topic for me sometimes. Honestly, either (or both) of those meds could add to weight issues. It is really tough to lose while on some of these as well. I feel like it takes a lot more effort to get the same result on the med than that which would have been gotten without meds.


Pizotifen was the culprit for me 10kg in 9mths! shocking, now on Topamax (which is also is a weight loss migraine med) and have lost it all, relief!

well 7lb gain on flranzine
14lb gain on pitzotifen and developed hypothrydism…

neither cured the vertgo…so now im depressed dizzy AND FAT

wanted to re-star conversation on weight gained on meds. I think being worried about weight gained at this point for me shows progress :).
20+ pounds (ten kilos) when I am 157 cm tall (5 ft 2 inch) is a lot! so very slowly I am tapering from venlafaxine. Now I wonder how long it takes to the body for its metabolism to start working properly. I did all possible blood work this weeks and I am in perfect health, so hopefully my body will bounce back. Anyway, @flutters I wrote this here instead of continuing the conversation in the other conversation.

You’re so much better at following the rules than I am!