Weight neutral drugs

From your experiences, which preventatives were either weight neutral or weight losing (besides Topamax which I have yet to trial by the way)? As far as I know, the only meds I have ever taken which caused weight gain were Paxil and Remeron (other antideps didnt seem to cause me weight gain). Thanks!

Lexapro, Propranolol, notriptyline (more than ami) and even Cymbalta are supposed to be less weight-y, so to speak.
I did read an article recently that talked about some of these meds that increase weight and sugar levels (like some anticonvulsants) and they were talking about metformin…a med for diabetics that is really helpful in preventing the weight/sugar/insulin issues some of these meds bring on…
I know, another med for a med blah blah blah…
but if you have to try one, and it does make you gain, it might be something to consider?