Weird eye symptoms AND I have made an apt with Dr Granot!

Hello everyone.

I am just wondering if anyone gets this weird symptom. I have had it on and off since all of this but put it down to ‘being in my mind.’ Every now and then it seems like someone very quickly flicked a light on and off. Almost the quick flickering you get just before a power failure. I always wonder if the light has just flickered but I don’t think it does. I know it’s super weird! I also noticed last night that when I look at a particular cane basket it kind of mOves in my vision, like the lines are hazy or shimering. Again, I thought it was the light but my husband said it doesn’t do anything to him. Is it normal to see that kind of thing even when I’m not in the midst of a major attack? Just my normal wobbly self? I have never noticed any other issues with patterns so it’s bizarre.

On a good note, thanks to your recommendations I managed to get in to see Dr Granot on Dec 17th !!! I am driving over from Adelaide to see him (flying makes me too dizzy.)

Thank you all for just being there. I am at work today and while talking to people I suddenly just stumbled and lost my balance - not dizzy as such - just looked drunk. How embarrasing! Only people on this board would really understand :slight_smile: xx

I get the flickering and shimmering that u talk about 24/7. It’s v disturbing and makes my anxiety a lot worst. It’s def part of this illness

i get similar eye symptoms. I get shimmering!! this cant be aura as i get this near enough all of the time!!

make sure you let us know how your appointment goes with Dr Granot and what he says!! :smiley:

Great to hear you’re seeing Dr Granot. You won’t be disappointed as he really knows what he’s talking about and “gets” MAV. Tell him about mvertigo too if you get a chance. It would be good if he referred his MAV patients here for support and just to know they’re not alone.

Let us know how it goes!

S :smiley:

Hi Aussiegirl,

I get a lot of visual symptoms (separate to scintillating scotoma). They generally appear in my peripheral vision and include shimmering patterns, phantom insects, flickering, strobing etc. Most disappear when I switch my gaze to focus. I also get the visual snow/speckling effect when looking at the sky or other or other brightly lit monochromatic surfaces. Also floaters so pronounced its difficult to focus sometimes.

As with many symptoms you can choose to let it bother you or just accept it and adjust around it. That really is half the battle. That and not searching for symptoms.

Let me know if you’d like to catch up and compare notes while you’re in Sydney. :slight_smile:

Please, please, please ask Dr. Granot about the 24/7 visual stuff that some of us have here. Most of us cannot get an answer from an expert. Please see if he thinks it is migraine and it can be treated with meds. I have the floaters and junk in the sky that was mentioned here. Ivan trying to ignore it as mentioned, but it is depressing walking outside and seeing millions of phosphenes flying everywhere. I just hit 100mgs of Topamax. No help yet…

Hi guys I don’t get loads of visual symptoms mine is more neurological - tingling. Both flashing lights, blobs & tingling are all auras. Unfortunately if I am understanding this thing correctly, we are chronic migrainers (lucky us!) so our aura can be almost constant, even on meds you can still have constant aura until we are properly cured - wonderful!!!


As you can see you’re not alone! I’ve finally stopped asking “Did the lights just flicker?” And I’ve come to realize that my home is not infested with bugs and/or mice. Just my MAV brain playing tricks on me…thank God.

I see a tiny blue light in my vision and then just when I see it it’s gone. MAV? Probably