Weird pain like symptoms in my head

I can not take any medications as I have many significant allergies.
Over the past few months, I have developed weird, intermittent pain like sensations in my head. They only last a second or two but they are annoying and worrisome. I continue to have significant mental fogginess in spite of a healthier diet and elimination of sugar and refined carbs. Anyone else have these symptoms?

I’m not sure what you mean “pain like sensations”, can you elaborate? Like minor pains? Or something like vibration, or jolts of electricity? I’ve had both those.

Hi. I too have weird pains in my head. Mine can feel like tiny little electric jolts or waves of pain that seem to go from ear to ear. I also get what are called ‘ice pick pains’ inside my head - they are very quick, very sharp jabs of pain. The first two are common to MAV and the ice pick pains are common with what would be called classic migraine. (I realize both migraine & MAV are on the same neurological spectrum.)

I hope this helps.
Wishing you well,

No I don’t have jolts of pain… just weird nano second sensations
I also have severe mental fogginess and dizziness