Weird symptoms followed by Migraine

This morning I awoke with a Migraine. The past two weeks however, I had strange symptoms. Day 1 extreme fatigue, day 2 body aches all over, day 3 pins and needles feeling on the back of my head, down my side and some in the legs, day 4 increased dizziness. All these symptoms slowly subsided where I almost felt normal, when the Migraine hit and now I’m back to the dizzy/balance issue again. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Hi Skip

Yes, it does to me I’m afraid. I seem to have a lot of days with weird symptoms which are all symptomatic of migraine. It is part of the aura stage. The extreme tiredness, body aches, dizziness are all part of it for me, but the pins and needles not so often. I tend to get the dazzles/stars in my vision a lot especially when I have walked and then stop - it takes about 5 minutes or so for them to fade.

Hi Mrs G, have you been diagnosed with MAV? How long have you had Migraines?

Hi Skip

Over here there does not seem to be any official diagnosis of MAV - but my neurologist and GP have made connections between the vertigo and basilar/other migraines I get. However as they can’t find physical evidence of the connection they are wary of saying the connection is 100%. I think migraine diagnosis, treatment and management is very different (not better) in the UK.

I’ve had vertigo since I was 12 (I’m now 38!)and migraines with aura started at 16 ( I may have had non aura ones before but I am not sure!). I’ve progressed to basilar migraines, aura and non aura - so I get a whole variety to deal with.

I am currently on my third day of a humdinger of a migraine - I was exhausted last weekend, achey, some strange visuals and slept a lot (similar to your description): the headache started Tuesday night - I’ve been off balanced since it began and get short bursts of vertigo through the day. I have to do everything slowly and I am craving sweet and carb filled food as I always do with it, even though I feel slightly nauseaus at times.