Welcome Badger2007

Hey Badger,

Just read your story and see that you’re under the care of Steve Rauch which is great news. I wanted to let you know that I too was clobbered with this junk half way through my PhD and to let you know you’ll be able to make it through this and be OK. It’s a pain in the ass (understatement of the century) at times but you can do it. I needed to use meds to get my act together and still do now even though I have pretty much eliminated known triggers. I too cannot do decaf coffee or anything with caffeine either but there is an alternative I will tell you about if you’re interested.

I won’t bang on about the dos and don’ts as no doubt Dr Rauch covered it very well. It takes some time but you’ll soon work out what your triggers are and even then you may be thrown a curve ball by something you would have never suspected. I’m about to post about this next.

Glad to have you on board and it’s great to have another person on here with access to the science literature.

Best … Scott 8)

Thanks Scott! I really appreciate your encouragement. I am also very glad to hear you seem to have identified what’s been making you feel worse lately. I too have problems with computer screens if I work on them for too long, but it doesn’t sound anywhere near as severe as your issues.

I must also admit I’ve been pretty lucky in terms of getting diagnosed relatively quickly. Having a husband who is a doctoral student in Chemistry also helps me wade through the available information and make sense of it. He has looked up all the structures of the common preventive drugs and explained their mechanism to me (when it’s known), which is surprisingly comforting. And of course this forum has been wonderful, too! After hearing everyone I know comment on how bizarre and strange my symptoms are, it’s so refreshing to have people “get” it without extensive explanation.

Oh, also, what is this mysterious coffee alternative? I’d love to hear about it. Luckily for me, I wasn’t addicted to caffeine when I got sick–just enjoyed the occasional cup of coffee–so giving up coffee wasn’t terribly painful for that reason. But when my husband fires up the coffeemaker in the morning and it smells so good, I do get pretty jealous!