Welcome Gayla

Hi Gayla

Thanks muchly for posting in the “Post Your Story” thread.

Sounds pretty rough having the “spinning type” vertigo on a daily basis
for so long. I believe it is quite rare to have it so severe - most of us with long-term dizziness
have a slight “rocking” motion or extreme sensitivity to movement.

Glad that’s over for you anyway! I know there are many female migraneurs out there who
have the worst of it during their menstrual period. I guess that could explain why the female
preponderance for migraine is so high - something like 80% female 20% male.


Thank you for your reply Adam. Your website is so helpful for those who are suffering. MAV is so disabling. I was told I have basilar migraine from the Michigan Head pain and Neurological Institute. Is this the same thing as MAV?
Thank you. Gayla