Welcome to all the newbies!

Hi everyone,

I just had a look at the Post Your Story thread and realised that in the last week or so we’ve had several new people join the board. So welcome to Susie, Lori, two Annes, Tina, Tom and Dee. I recognised a whole bunch of very familiar symptoms. I also noticed that a lot of you are women of early middle age/later youth whose symptoms seemed to coincide with the making of babies… Other than Tom who of course is a man :smiley:

Dee, if you don’t mind me asking - now that you have been given a migraine diagnosis rather than MS how do they explain your brain lesions?

Anyway, welcome to everyone. I am sure you will find a lot of good information, advice and support here.


Hi Vic and thanks for the Welcome! Very happy to find this board. Sad to realize so many are suffering although it seems there are a lot of success stories Too! In answer to your question, the drs think that the lesions are a result of migeaine headaches. As a mattter of fact I was going to post today and ask if others had lesions show on their MRIS. … haven’t read that anyone has. That seems to be one of the only issues that I have that doesn’t quite fit with others.

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you

I would like to say welcome as well… didn’t get around to welcoming so many new inquiring potential and newly diagnosed MAV’ers. You will feel right at home here and hopefully get many questions answered as well as formulate new ones as well as you learning more about “fascinating” but slippery condition. It can get better.
Gail : )


I’m a newbie here. Nice to talk to you all. I hope this place would be a better place for me to find answers for my medical condition. :smiley:


Hi All,

Just to echo what Victoria has said, welcome, and I hope you can all find some good info here to give yourself some peace of mind and map out a road to recovery.

Cheers … Scott