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Hi All,

Terry was the person who worked with me on producing the MAV Survival Guide. We bounced drafts of it back and forth for about 2 weeks fine-tuning it with the input and help of lots of people from here and some at menieres.org. Terry has spent a great deal of time on the other forum helping people who thought they had Menieres realise that they were probably dealing with MAV or MAV and Menieres (an unfortunate but managable combo), especially when they had experienced no hearing loss or where there was light sensitivity. The number misdiagnosed with Meniere’s appears to be high given its low incidence.

So welcome Terry! Your knowledge of MAV will be very valuable for everyone at mvertigo.

Scott 8)

Welcome Terry - glad to have you on this forum. Sorry you have MaV and Meniere’s though :frowning:


Welcome, Terry. I am one of those who was diagnosed with Meniere’s in June of this year. After underwhelming results with a diuretic, I continued with dizziness and eventually experienced the classic knee-dropping headaches too. Now that I am under the care of a neurologist, I am doing much better than in the past 3 years. I am also a huge fan of the VEDA website and Facebook discussion pages. Great stuff.

Welcome Terry,
Sorry to hear you have Mav AND meneirs, boy that must be real messy to deal with.
Thanks for all your help , for our forum.

wishing you better health.

Terry - failed to mention how grateful I am that you and Scott put together this forum… it’s been not only informative and supportive for me, but it’s just plain hilarious at times. I know personally that I was quite frightened by the diagnosis of Meniere’s mostly due to the seemingly lack of concrete information out there and my real lack of progress with any treatment. And, if I do simultaneously have Meniere’s, then my MAV treatment/diet is certainly managing it under a larger umbrella of information/guidance/treatment options than what was given to me from the ENT side of the block. I felt like I was groping into a vacuum most of the time, even with my doctors. Hope you’ve been able to manage both conditions successfully at this point.

Welcome Terry… I have spoken to you on the other site as I have both as well… I appreciate all of your insight as I do with Scott and everyone. Never enough information

I am laughing my butt off right now. :lol:

Terry does not have Meniere’s, she has MAV but she has indeed worked hard over at the Meniere’s site educating people.

Terry was not involved in the creation of this website with Scott, she co-wrote the MAV Survival Guide with Scott.

Welcome Terry/Burd, glad you are here.


Everyone’s got it wrong. Burd has malaria. :lol:

It was Adam who started mvertigo way back circa 2005. I joined back then but didn’t really get on board the mvertigo express until about mid 2008.


Shit, what? We have MALARIA??

Can you get malaria thru the internet? :shock:

Burd’s gonna get a kick out of the fact that she has Malaria now… LOL :lol:

Hi Burd!! I am Spark on the other forum. You have helped me as well! Good to see you here!

Hi everyone and thank you for such a kind welcome and for my first laugh of the day! Wow, I have malaria? :shock:

It’s true, Its MAV I have and that’s the whole story. I am so grateful to those that helped me on the other forum through my years of self discovery and it is my wish to continue to help others if there is anything about my story that can do that. I posted my story if anyone is curious but I can’t remember the name of the thread without looking or where it is. I am not forum savvy beyond the other one so it will take some time to learn how this one is put together, and I welcome help if it looks like I’m wandering around lost and missing something. When I was informed that Scott had started this very kind welcome (thank you ) I think I took laps around the forum twice before I found it. :roll: I was proud of myself for finding my pm box! LOL I’m sure soon it will become like 2nd nature.

A big thank you to Scott for being so kind to let me assist him with launching his excellent article about MAV. It’s good to see familiar faces here too and I look forward to meeting more.

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I am heading to Mexico next weekend so I will raise your Malaria and bet Swine Flu. :wink:

Burd’s gonna get a kick out of the fact that she has Malaria now… LOL :lol:

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Not Swine Flu, that would be Avian Flu for me. :wink:

Welcome again, Burd! Glad it’s not Meniere’s or Malaria… LOL. And, now we all know that it was Adam who helped found the forum… That’s hilarious. When I found the MAV forum, the Survival Guide was one of the first things I looked at… ofcourse, AFTER I read some of the struggling stories and the medication posts. I felt immediately at home.
Gail : )

hey burd!
it’s wileyriley from the mm.org forum. good to see you here! i’m sure that the people at mvertigo will come to love you as much as everyone at mm.org has in no time at all! :smiley:

by the way, there’s a guy at the other forum who has a cure for malaria if you need it. :lol:

Hey Nicki,

I’m already taking the turmeric for malaria prevention, even though there is no malaria in Australia, you never know and should be prepared. :lol:

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Hey Nicki,

I’m already taking the turmeric for malaria prevention, even though there is no malaria in Australia, you never know and should be prepared. :lol:

whew, scott, i’m so relieved to hear of you taking these preventative measures. no sign of malaria here either but you can never be too sure. i’ve been shooting it up. just mainlining it. hardcore to cover my bases. didn’t think of doing lines too. that’s good. should coat the mucus membranes as additional protection. i have been soaking in a tub filled with it twice a day. i also bathe my children and my dog in it. those dogs can be bacteria laden varmints. :lol:

:? back to the original topic.

love ya burd!

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Geez… you folks are only getting half the benefit of the turmeric.

It won’t work if you are B12 deficient with celiacs disease and taking it at the same time you are talking on the cell phone.
I personally have found most things work best when dancing naked by the light of a full moon. :wink:

Hi Nicki! :smiley: