Well the neuro called last night

said my BAER test was normal and reviewd all the test results that the Neurotologist sent over and says he doesn’t see anything whih is good so i asked well what about a diagnosis. He said i can’t diagnosis maV all i can do is give you meds to try - as wel all know. I said well could it be just anxiety and he said i’m treating you for MaV not anxiety so i asked about getting celexa and he said sure you can get it but you’ll have to get elsewhere which i totally understand. He said he’d call in Cymbalta 20 mg which is the weakest but he had given me samples of 30s

the capsules open up - couldn’t i empty out half of a 30 to get to 15. i thought i read on here that some of you are on 15 mg??? i know it’s not always good to do that unfortunately they aren’t pills that can be cut in half. I’m just so drug sensitive.

I’m going to talk to therapist next week then i’ll make some kind of decision which one i want to start on. He did say cymbalta was weight neutral - that’s good!!! i’m not a fan of weight gain. i could still get the other med if i felt more comfortable starting that but i just may need to get brave and bite the bullet.

Kelley i know you hae had luck with Cymbalta huh?>

anyway i want to wait til i’m off for 5 days for Thanksgiving before starting and even then prob have to wait til after turkey dinner so in case i get feeling awful from them :frowning:

tryingn to think positive but scared of ADs and meds in general but sure don’t like feeling like this.
this morning woke up shaking like crazy - lots of stress last night from my elderly mother - they called and said she fell down.

just what i need more stress

Please, no matter what you do, do NOT open the capsules and take half. This could result in you getting too much of some ingredients and not enough of others. Capsules are not made for this. If you start the medicine and you do not like it you can stop taking it. You will know within the first few days if it is going to bother you, for the most part. Good luck.

thanks Amy i wont do that i’l get the 20 mg from the pharmacy. expensive med - no generic.


Maybe it would help you to make a list of the pros and cons of taking the medicine. When you see the list it may help you decide whether to take it or not.

I very much understand where you’re at. I was waking up trembling every morning and fighting anxiety through the days. I was told by my psychiatrist to start low and go slow on the cymbalta. I think while it’s not ideal, it’s ok to empty out capsules to suit your comfort level. I know lots if people do it with effexor and count the beads. The more we obsess about it, the mire power we give it. Try to take a deep great and think to yourself that you are going to reclaim your life!! You have some haywire stuff going on but you can and will get better. It’s ok to need a little help. You are certainly not alone and these meds do work. Try not to feed the fear monster. Put your energy into visualizing how great it’s going to be to get your life back!! The small amount of possible side effects will be worth it. You van always use a benzo as a crutch whole you acclimate.

I used to spill out the little beads of Effexor and divide them up (as well as for Cymbalta) and did not experience anything unusual. I think the little beads that they come in is just part of the manufacturing process for that specific drug and so they have to throw them into a capsule. It’s messy though. There are some meds such as Welby where they will tell you not to split the pill up. It has some enteric coating on it.

I’m going to hold off a bit more before i try anything because i need to be off work or at least be working at home when i try anything. I talked to my fav. dr that knows me well yesterday afternoon and he thinks it’ll be good to go talk to the therapist next week and he is pretty good at figuring out if a person has anxiety issues or not. I’m pretty sure i do! just don’t know about the MaV stuff on top of it. he knows me well and how sick i get with allergies and how i’m super duper drug sensitive so they will work with me to get the right meds and stuff. that makes me feel better.

i just wish i felt better physically just not feeling good today at all. gosh darn it all!!! i wanted to get my elderly mother out yesterday but she was busy wheni called and i can’t plan :frowning: who knows how i’ll feel later today i get soooooo frustrated with that. i call her at the last minute and then she can’t go so i feel bad