Went to GP today and she is starting me on Effexor

I have been trying to get in with Dr. Baloh because I really think I have MAV, but it may take months to see him. I went to my regular gp today with lots of pages of information from this board and she was very intrigued and said she would read it all. We went over my symptoms and dizziness triggers and she thinks I might be correct in diagnosing myself.

She started me on 37 of Effexor and also wants me to start a sugar and yeast free diet along with acupuncture. Has anyone had success with the acupuncture and a diet like she sugggested?


Hi Donna - Good luck with the effexor! I have been on verapamil for about a month and increasing my dose now. My neuro will move to (or add in) effexor next if this doesnt’ do the trick… I do have a lot of non-mav friends (was actually just talking to one) who are on effexor or have used it in the past with no problems whatsoever.
Keep us posted. Eager to hear how it works for you and hope you get some relief!!


Thanks Alli, I will definitely update on how it works out for me.

Good luck to you also.


Effexor is one of the most prescribed med there is, and tons of people take it aned love it. Both Dr. Hain and the Mayo clinic, think it’s very good for migraine prevention. Others on this site have done well on it. The only thing I will say is that some doctors prefer to empty out a capsule and take 1/3 for the first week, 2/3 the second, and then finally the full 37.5 the third week.
Best to you…

Thanks for the info Kelley. I am actually taking the 37.5 tablets, not the capsules. They can be cut in half and maybe I should try that??

To echo what Kelley said, Hain recommends starting on 12.5 mg, then up to 25 mg and finally 37.5 mg after about 3 weeks titration.

Acupuncture might relax you and give you some temporary relief but there is no evidence that it does anything apart from create a placebo effect. It’s not a real migraine treatment solution, that’s for sure – and could make you feel worse just like massage can as well. Just keep that in mind.


Best … Scott 8)

Thanks for the info and the link Scott. I have insurance for acupuncture which will cost $10 per visit, so I thought I would give it a shot in addition to the Effexor.

As far as the dosage of Effexor, I think I will start at half a tablet which would be 18.75 to start and just see how that goes for a few weeks until I go back to see the doctor. I will also let her know I may need to go up slowly because MAV is definitely out of her element.

For $10 a pop, you may as well give it a go. I probably would too for the relaxation element to it all. The last time I tried acu, they gave me a really good massage around the back of my head. I think that was more effective than anything else. Maybe you can score that too! :slight_smile:

**this is interesting…i had no idea effexor helped with migraines. I may consider asking my dr, but the side effects look pretty “mehhh” :? **