What am I supposed to do? I need help

Overwhelmed with all the symptoms, not seeming to be able to tolerate meds other than Xanax and Valium.

I am working, but what good I am doing here I have no idea. I feel very depressed right now. Just tried a second round of Effexor and I think if I had stuck with 37.5 mg I might feel okay…but of course I needed to increase and then fell flat on my face. Insomnia was hideous walked around like a zombie all day. Still in withdrawals I believe.

I tried Gabapentin before revisiting Effexor and I think that was a big mistake. It made me feel so awful, I could barely function on it. Still feel a mess inside my skull. Can’t seem to think straight about anything, or make any decisions.

Finally got thru to doc yesterday. Just started a low dose of Paxil 5mg last night as it is one thing that worked a while ago…at least it got me back to work. And, it is prescribed to help with hot flashes which is one thing I worshipped Effexor for doing! God they rule my life now. What do I do about that? Sigh.

Wondering what to do next. Is anyone else so super sensitive to med SEs like me? If the low dose of Paxil doesn’t work I may go back to my trusty old Prozac. Not sure it helped with VM in the past but at least I won’t feel so depressed.

Going back and forth in my mind about what I should do…go off everything and see where I am? Try an allergy diet? Not sure food triggers are a huge deal for me, other than bananas I believe, but possibly it would help me feel better.

Wait a couple of weeks with no meds and then try 37.5 Effexor again and stay there?

Start drinking heavily? :wink:

Have any of you struggled like this? What did you do? What works?

God, I just hate this :cry:

You could titrate slower upward on Effexor if you’re super-sensitive to it.

Yeah DMC that’s what my sis and i have been talking about.

Thank you for the advice.

I need a cool head, to help me right now I feel like my brain is not tracking on anything.

Keep in mind that Effexor’s effective prophylactic dose can be 75 mg, so you may need to go higher to get any effect. It may seem like a high amount since you’re having trouble with this lower dose, but side effects upon initiation of a medication like Effexor is much more common than side effects upon a dose increase.