What are the safe foods for people with MAV?

I am trying to start a migraine diet, but I have no idea what i’m doing.
My doctor is a bit useless, he doesn’t give me advice or refer me to nutritionists or whatever so im basically on my own with this one.
I know I can’t eat chocolate, and chinese food, but that’s all.
Instead of thinking of foods I can’t eat (as the list seems never ending), I am going to make a list of safe foods to eat and only eat those foods for a few weeks/months
to see how I go. So can anyone please help out, and give me a list of foods that I can eat without making me dizzy? :slight_smile:

Thankyou :slight_smile:

Buccholz’s Heal your headache is a reliable source to start you off.

Thank you very much, ive just bought the book :slight_smile:

Yes, that is a good book. My doc is the same way…only told me to avoid caffeine.- that is all. I am glad this forum is here (as always) or I would not know the difference between food triggers and medicine failures. I do realize, besides vm, that processed food/ lots of sugar makes me feel really moody or icky. So, no good tasting crappy food for me-- trying hard to not slip. It is so hard lately when I was so vigilant for almost a year. And, still trying to get more better.

Thank you very much for your reply. I have been dizzy and couldn’t even get out of bed for the past 3 weeks so I went to the doctors and yet again, he just gave me more propanolol tablets even though I said they weren’t working for me, and I asked about the migraine diet and he just said “avoid chocolate and cheese”. The book got delivered 2 days ago, and I am already finding it hard. Before I knew about why I was dizzy all the time, I constantly eat loads of sweets and chocolate and now Ive not had any for almost 3 days, so I’m having huge sugar cravings but im determined to stick to this migraine diet, fingers crossed it works!

I hope your doing well, and I wish you all the best, Hopefully we’ll both be able to get completely better :slight_smile:

I wonder whether you could tolerate xylitol comfortably. It’s a sweet sugar alcohol that I am able to use as a major sugar substitute in baking. I also chew xylitol-sweetened gum.

It can give some folks the runs, especially if they start out with large quantities of xylitol.

My dentist described it as somewhat tooth-protective.

I have heard that when you stop eating sugar the body adjusts after a few days. So it is only hard the first three or four days then it should get considerably easier. Or maybe it was five.