What are you top 5 symptoms

This has probably been asked before in one way or another, but I thought I would ask again.

What are your top 4-5 symptoms?

Mine are

  1. Constant feeling of motion sickness and am extremely sensitive to any kind of movement
  2. Severe, eposodic, rotational vertigo (not real frequent, weeks to months between attacks)
  3. Daily headache (not severe, but always there in the background)
  4. A feeling several times a day that either me or the world is making a quick shift of about 1/4"
  5. Mild tinnitus in both ears, pulsatile in the left ear


Hi Book,

Well you have just listed mine but then I have noticed that you and I are very similar. Add on fatigue and insomnia for me.


Good Question Christine.

My Top 5 are:

  1. Constant feeling of Motion like feeling in my head.
  2. Inside my head always has this slight to moderate squeezed feeling
  3. Motion Sensitive…and Noise Sensitive
  4. Lack of Energy
  5. Tend to feel Anxious in certain environments


  1. Continuous rocking Sensation
  2. Anxious
  3. Cold Hands - lightheaded
  4. Slight headache (on left side and can kind of feel blood vessel inflammed)
  5. Sore neck


Mine vary but at the moment:

  1. Anxiety (with heart palps on lying flat)
  2. Dysequilibrium
  3. Head fog
  4. Tiredness

Three weeks ago going back to mid January

  1. Headache/ neck pain
  2. Head fog
  3. Dysequilibrium
  4. Anxiety/ depression

November/ December 09

  1. Dizziness/ vertigo (some rotational in the night)
  2. Dysequilibrium
  3. Anxiety/ depression
  4. Headache/ neck pain


  1. Dizziness
  2. Anxeity
  3. Headache
  4. Tingling
  5. Tiredness

Three years ago:
Vertigo (drop attack) once every a couple of weeks than eventually every couple of months

Two years ago:
Heavy head
Brain felt like it would hit my skull when I walked
Vertigo occured every few months

One Year ago:
Headaches more frequent
Unwell feeling (like before you cath a cold)
Loss of Libido (Poor Wife)

Headaches,Headaches,and more Headaches (Every day now)
Neck Pain
Rocking baseline has improved (not sure if it is trigger avoidance or medication)
Motion intolerance still there but better
Vertigo has become less frequent, last attack was during the Christmas Holidays

I just stopped 40 mg of Nortripyline and just started 80 mg of Propranolol starting yersterday.


I wanted to add one more symptom. Inside my head feels like little tugs…or a slight throbbing going on. Medication helps to minimize this.


My top now after being on daily preventatives for a couple of years are…

  1. woozy /swimmy head
  2. nausea
  3. foggy head
  4. irritation to lights and noise
  5. I think that is really what I still deal with regularly just to a MUCH lesser degree than I used too.
  1. Motion intolerance. (don’t drive, and find riding in a car somewhat unpleasant - not usually that big of a deal, stuff just moves fast and requires more concentration)
  2. Overall feeling of not feeling well. Like being hungover…especially for the first hour in the morning.
  3. Headache (the less I do usually the less of a headache…but still get a headache every day, just a more low grade one than if I do activity…which seems to pretty much lead to a bad one.
  4. anxiety (annoying because it comes out of ‘nowhere’ logical…like nothing is wrong but i’m anxious)
  5. dizziness (usually from head movement/vestibular stimulation)

This is lately, back when i had my vestibular neuritis (that started this all back in jan we think) it was dizziness and anxiety in a big way. I was motion intolerant and had headaches but the world spinning is very overwhelming and drives anxiety big time.

When I was very symptomatic in December:

  1. Rocking and falling sensations
  2. Nausea
  3. Mini-spins (vertigo of less than 10 second duration)
  4. Tinnitus/ear fullness
  5. Motion sensitive


  1. Rocking sensations
  2. Motion sensation
  3. Headache/head pressure
  4. Lightheadedness/feeling of my head being tugged
  5. Tinnitus

Things are MUCH better now. Even though I still have symptoms, they are manageable. I can work, go to stores, etc.

I: Altered consciousness, awareness
2: Dyphasia
3: Rocking, falling through the floor, shifting swaying vision,
4: Persistent visual aura 24/7
5: Globle weakness in legs, head nodding

constant neck pain stiffness gone , since using effexor
need to add my pet hate, phonophobia, and insomnia
right leg stiffness pain

  1. severe disequilibrium - sensation ground is not flat 24/7
  2. fuzziness in head
  3. shifting swaying vision - especially on computer

No headaches.


The Fex has helped, but these still persist:

  1. Ear pressure - usually both
  2. Varying tinnitus (switches from ear-to-ear and intensity)
  3. Mild Dizziness
  4. Motion Intolerance
  5. Weird feelings in head/nose pressure/“heavy” head

This sucks.