What causes motion sickness?

Since all of us MAVers are sensitive to motion sickness, just wondering if anyone knew what the heck causes it? What is going on in our heads? I know the inner ear and panic center are right next to each other and the eyes and the ear are seeing and feeling differently and miscommunicating, but is there anything else happening? Thanks!

I don’t know if this is the only reason but my interpretation of it would be that our visual system(eyes,ears, sensory systems) are misprocessing or are overload with information that maybe incorrect, wrong timing or maybe other medically qualified people could explain better. The basic point I think I am trying to make is something is sending bad information as compared to a normal working sensory system. Why and what causes this happens is the medical mystery that all of us are seeking.

Disclaimer with a bit of humor: Don’t shoot me cause I may have the wrong information, as I have obtained my medical experience and knowledge off the back of Tylenol bottle, pain and suffering through the school of hard knocks. So please don’t take my advice as sound medical knowledge but just as bits of information to help push you further along in your medical discoveries.

I believe its a chemical imbalance that causes the signals from the inner ears to the brain to be too strong. There has been some research showing that Serotonin plays a role in this.

interesting, so i wonder if it’s too much serotonin or not enough serotonin?

It is believed that not enough serotonin can cause motion intolerance. Studies have shown that serotonin boosting drugs like SSRI’s and Tricyclics have an effect on motion intolerance.