What country are you living in?

Rob and I have noticed that a lot of us seem to be from the UK.

I wondered if this was because we are English speaking on this site, (how many Chinese people have MAV, for example?) … but there doesn’t seem to be many people from South Africa or New Zealand and only a handful from Australia and the USA.

I’m leaning towards the conclusion that a sunnier, warmer, climate leads to less MAV going on.

In the interests of researching this, can you all please respond telling us where you live? Just the country will do, but add the city if you like.

Would be great to do a world wide map actually if anyone knows how to do that online.

I’ll start-

London, England.

Cheshire, England

But I feel worse in the summer and during hot humid weather. I thought migraine was meant to decrease in cold weather.

Plymouth, England

Derbyshire, England

Portland, Oregon, United States.

Essex England

Lancashire, England.

Bedfordshire, England. Winter darkness does my head in.

Kent, England

Dublin, Ireland

Liverpool, England.

Cape Cod Massachusetts USA

Wow, what the hell is going on in the UK? :shock:

Sydney, Australia

Adam: Darwin, Australia

Lancashire, England
Anne x

Lincoln, ne

Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada


South Australia

Victoria, Australia

San Francisco, CA, USA

California, USA