What do you know...Ruptured Cervical Disc. Relation to MAV?

Well, well, well… After 6 months of asking 4 different doctors for a neck MRI, I finally found someone who would order one. I have been complaining of left-sided neck pain and inability to turn my head to the left and a radiating pain up to my left ear since the very beginning. The pain started right after I was doing some aggressive sit-up/crunches. The dizziness, tinnitus, stabbing ear pain, left side head pressure, and blocked left ear pain started when the neck pain began so I have no doubt they are related.

Anyway, I just got the results of my cervical MRI, and it shows I have a ruptured disc at C6-C7 (I think that’s the level) that is protruding into the spinal cord area. I have an appointment with a neurosurgeon in a couple of days.

Has anyone else here experienced anything similar? I’m still trying to piece together the mechanism between the neck pain and my dizzy problems. I believe I read a theory that neck pain can cause MAV since the nerves involving the neck and migraines run together or in close proximity to each other???

I’m guessing the surgeon is going to suggest doing epidural injections first. I had “trigger point” injections of Marcaine and steroids in the occipital nerve as well as into the sore spot on my neck about a month ago. Interestingly, my dizziness greatly improved for 24 hours after the injection but then became MUCH worse the next day. Although the epidural will go into a different spot than the trigger point injection, I’m still hesitant to try it due to my worsening of symptoms the first time around.

On another point, I am angry that no physician would order the cervical MRI before now. Everyone kept telling me that it would come back normal. It makes me wonder if I had addressed the ruptured disc with injections right from the start if all my other HORRIBLE problems would have resolved quickly.

Good luck…I hope it helps bring you some relief!