What does your ear fullness feel like? Please respond!

Hello all,
I recently have had the annoying symptom of ear fullness pop up in my left ear, so of course, now I am concerned that it may be meniere’s related (I tend to worry about that). I do, however, know that this is a common symptom of MAV. So can you tell me how your ear fullness feels like? Mine feels like it is plugged up with mucus or something. It is worse after I eat, and best in the morning right after I wake up. I can hear it settling when I get up and around. When I talk or click my teeth it sounds echo-y, like I am underwater. But other noises I can hear fine. It has caused a headache on the left side of my head for a few days.

Hi Amy,

I don’t experience this myself but I copied this post over to the MM forum as well in case someone there has more advice.


Thanks, Scott.

I do get ear fullness. From what I understand it is one of the lesser common symptoms of MAV. It’s been quite a while since I experienced it, but mine was painful. It used to start out like that sensation you get when going up or down in a plane, or driving in the mountains. Where mine seperated from typical fullness, especially with what is affiliated with Meniere’s, is that it would keep getting worse until it felt like someone was trying to push a dull pencil through my ear from the inside to the outside. It would get to the point of being quite painful.

Something else though, I do have a dual diagnoses of meniere’s and MAV. I don’t have all of the symptoms of meniere’s though, so it is hard to say if that diagnoses is acurate. I also have a couple of doctor’s that think that I don’t have meniere’s so go figure.

I hope that helps.