What is this sensation?

Hi Guys!

I woke up this morning, early, because I had a lot on my plate. As I was working, I kept wondering to myself “what is this feeling?” It took me a few moments to realize that is was clarity. I hadn’t felt this kind of clarity in so many years i couldn’t recognize it!

But there was something else. Again I wondered, “what is this other feeling?” It took me a little longer to realize it was stillness. I hadn’t felt stillness in so long i couldn’t recognize it either!

Maybe it was because it was early in the morning, i don’t know. But it was so remarkable to feel that good. I was scheduled to go up on my Topamax yesterday, but I had a little improvement yesterday so i decided to stick. And today was so remarkable, i’m at 75 mg and i’m sticking until I feel no further improvement at this dose.

I walked 3 miles today, have been up all day, I was even able to lie on my husband’s chest out on the lawn chair while we had a conversation (the motion of his talking has been on the “off” list for the last two years). Boy did that feel good!

I still have a long way to go. I’m not perfectly still, i’m not sure i would take a drive yet :shock: but I’m pretty darn clear. One of these days my boat just may land. (still waiting for that dream to alert me)

Julie :mrgreen:

Wow, Julie that’s wonderful! And you can pat yourself on the back for that one too. You’ve been on a very slow track moving forward inch by inch and you’ve been ever so careful not to race your medication and here’s the benefits of your carefully choreographed medication plan, now showing that light at the end of the tunnel! That’s a real good news story and we love to hear them. How amazing is that 3 mile walk! More power to you Julie, you sure deserve it! :stuck_out_tongue:

Good health and much more happiness

— Begin quote from “Dizzyblonde”

carefully choreographed medication plan Jude

— End quote

Yes, and I did most of the choreography myself - my doctor gave me very little guidance. And that could be because from the very beginning i was a little bossy with him. I’m on the proactive side. After a year, the last time I saw him, he was asking me what my plans were! Then, a very generous member of this forum, who does not post, PMd me with the instructions that Hain gave her regarding Topamax. I combined his with mine and came up with a winning combo (actually his were pretty in synch with mine)

i’m telling ya Jude - you had better get that table ready for me. I’ll bring my own champagne bottle and don’t forget, Scott, you said you would “stand” on the table, although what we really asked you is if you would “dance” on the table.

I just have to get over the problems with motion intolerance - more choreography to do. A year ago I was in the ER, it’s been quite a year.



In the same way you responded to Chaz’s post, thank you for keeping us updated on your progress. To hear success stories (however big or small) really helps me and reminding myself that other people have got better has kept me sane many a time.

Long may your progress continue!


I really Hope DD see’s this post she deserves some good news like this
it gives all of us some hope.
if Julie can get better by golly we all can.
as you know Julie ,I’m over the moon for you topa sis.
you go girl!
youve researched your heart out and done this on your own.
xxxxx jen

With a LOT of help from my friends - where’s that Heart smiley ???

Jen, you rock! And I don’t mean MAVin’ 8)