What is this?

Hey guys,

About 4 weeks ago now I went to a physiotherapist who did some work on my neck. I felt fanatastic afterwards. Even before these sessions I was able to do all sorts of stretching without any problems. I was so impressed with the results that I started to massage my neck myself when things felt tense. But I overidid it and one day 2 weeks ago now, after the massage, I sat at the computer again and had massive vertigo and visual vertigo. I’ve left things alone but have continued to have dizzy spells here and there. Today I went back to the physio and told her what was going on and wanted her to assess my neck again. She was extremely easy on everything. Hardly did anything except work more on my shoulders. I left feeling no worse.

I got back to work and started feeling dizzier again. Then I did a stretch in my chair where I just put my arms out and stretched as anyone does when they feel like a good stretch. Nothing crazy. Right after, the biggest attack hit and is still on now. The vertigo is about an 8/10 in intensity.

Another thing I’ve done over the last 2 days is increase Paxil to 2.5 mg from about 1.5 mg. I feel more charged but nothing massive. I’ve been on this dose twice before without any vertigo increase.

So how can a basic stretch make me feel this bad? I can’t do anything without triggering an attack. Do any of you guys have this problem or have you ever had this problem? I remember having stretching problems before I was hit with this initially in 2003. That was the first thing that happened before I got hit with what I thought was VN. I’d stretch before bed, then lie down and feel drunk. This is all freaking me out that a simple stretch can have this sort of impact. What the hell is this? Is this a nervous system gone crazy? Odf course I wonder if I’m setting off what happened in 2003 again too.

Thanks … Scott :shock:

I just reread my posts from Thailand after the dreaded massage there. While I wasn’t actively stretching there daily at all, I was not even able to have a foot massage at the end of the trip without setting off some violent vertigo symptoms requiring tons of valium for the rest of that day. It looks like the nerves get sensitised from over-stimulation and the effect goes on and on if not left alone for weeks to recover. Yet another nervous system malfunction of migraine disease I guess. What the hell else could this be?

Man, I’m annoyed with this crap today. I wish we could all go somehwere for spare parts and be rewired with some high-tech stuff with no use-by date.


I have an osteopath work on my neck and theres one thing she does that makes me lightheaded everytime…Its kind of like she stretches my neck and this send to me to the brink of a spell but never quite there…As you said…weird

Thanks CJL – no doubt if you poked around in your neck too much you’d probably get the same result as me. Bizarre that even a regular stretch can set it off right now. Nothing amazes me with this junk any more.


Hey Scott,

I’ve had dizzy spells triggered by a good overall upperbody stretch, but it didn’t last more than a minute or so. Also, one of the NUCCA sessions I went to a few months back triggered the vertigo and funhouse wavy floor sensation I get for a few hours after he adjusted my neck. Maybe we all just need to live in bubbles and be fed some bland migraine-safe pourage for every meal. It’s all craziness!