What is your thought on getting the Flu Shot

Wonder how the flu shot would effect this disease that we have, do you all get the flu shot every year and will you be getting the swine flu shot when it is available?

I will not be getting the flu shot. I do not get one ever… I always have bad reactions to them. I stopped getting them about four years ago. I ALWAYS get sick following flu shot.

I definitely will not be getting the flu shot. I had my very first vertigo attack at 19 years old when at college, just one day after having a compulsory flu shot as all the students did. I’ll never know for sure of course but I wonder whether it wasn’t that that set the MAV off. But certainly no more shots for me!


This is a tough call. I got it last year and was fine (I was into my MAV for about 4 months at the time). Like Sarah, however, I have done it before and been sick from it. I likely will get it this year and hope for the best. I am not sure about the swine flu shot, however…

I will definitely be getting it this year. I have gotten it for years now and thankfully have not gotten the flu. For me, I am more scared of getting the flu with this illness than a risk that I might have a reaction. Theoretically, a flu shot really shouldn’t affect MAV symptoms unless one knows that they get sick or have a reaction to the shot. And then, as we know, any illness is not a good thing with MAV.

When this swine flu shot becomes available in Sydney sometime in October, I’ll get the shot. Worth the risk I think as opposed to getting taken down by that flu which could be a potential disaster way beyond worsening MAV.


No vax here.

I will definitely be taking the flu shot and swine flu vaccine, if that is available. I think it is an important shot to take, and shouldn’t impact our symptoms. I took it for years now. Granted, several years ago, I did get a fever. But, that never happened again.

I get vaccinated every year but then I get vaccinated for everything - I am a huge supporter of vaccines. Have never had any reactions and never noticed any change in MAV symptoms.

Go Vax!

The last time I had a flu shot i got very sick which was prior to this stuff setting in so I am not sure what I will do this year. I did not get one last year.

definitely wont be getting either flu shot