What MAV(migraine) treatment has been most effective for you

Unfortunately I can not break down the poll in any more detail, as the forum software has a silly limit on poll options.

When you vote please also write a little about the option you chose, perhaps by being more specific about which drug or treatment worked for you and what your experiences have been on it (side effects, or lack of etc.)

What worked for me:

Topomax - had to stop do to side effects
Nuerontin - had to stop do to side effects
Depakote - side effects much more tolerable

Valium, and Xanax for dizzyspells

magnesium diet suplement

controlled sleep cycle
lots of rest
meditation/relaxation therapy

What didn’t work:

Treating my symptoms as if I had meniere’s desease.

I tried numerous SSRI’s with no help. Recently gave Amtriptyline (Elavil) a try and only helped a slight bit.

Xanex (anti-anxiety medication) has been the most helpful for 15 years. In the near future plan to try Verapamil and possibly Topamax.


I’ve only found Xanax to be the life-saver. Without it I don’t know where I’d be. I’ve tried many SSRi’s but to no avail. I also recently tried Protiden for over three months but nothing.

My MAV is worse just before my period and I tend to get horrid headaches then so I usually take asprin for that. Most of the time, however, I simply get the aura (my vision goes zig zag and sometimes I get numbness in my index fingers) and no headache to speak of.

Wish we could hear from some success cases? Adam do you know of any who might drop into to this site and give us their story?



Hi Dizzyloopy,

You are the first person that i heard say that you only use Xanex because no other medication has helped you enough. I am in the same boat…been taking Xanex for 15 years and just like you…i don’t know where i would be without it??? It’s a scary thought. I have heard people say they take Xanex and a anti-deppresant combined.

I do plan to try another anti-depressant sometime in the future.


topamax did it, but I had to quit due to the hideous side effects. when I started talking like a robot and forgetting everything, that was it for me. Also, my hair fell out in handfuls.

verapamil seems to be keeping things mostly at bay.

diazepam is helpful occasionally…

Feverfew is helping me enormously right now - no disabling migraine, with only a few mild dizzy spells in the past 2-3 weeks. I am almost feeling normal and reasonably healthy. I think the Feverfew makes my stomach a little sensitive - but no other side effects are experienced.

When I have rotational spin MAV there is only one thing that helps but does not always stop it, but just calms it slightly - **prochlorperazine - Stemetil **which I take only in severe episodes due to it being a high risk drug. I should add my GP has never offered any other replacement for that drug - so I don’t know if there is anything better available for me. Stemetil makes you incredibly sleepy and really puts you out of sorts but when you have MAV you don’t feel so great either. Otherwise it doesn’t seem to give me any side effects.

Getting enough rest - especially when MAV is present - staying as still as possible, drinking plenty of water, eating healthily and exercise all seem to help - but I can’t excercise with a migraine or vertigo.

For me: I take some medications that interact with the traditional migraine suppresants, (daily low dose clarithromycin for chronic sinusitis), so I take the migraine supplements: magnesium, B2, fish oil, CoQ10–I’ve slowly improved over the course of 4 years, so I think they help.

Also, I take klonopin 1 mg twice a day–I’m trying to wean down, but it’s slow going. I don’t like the fact that I need an addictive drug, but I do.

My otologist told me to avoid vestibular rehab–and I believe I really hurt myself in an almost violent attempt to reposition what I thought was a BPPV crystal, but if I’m getting a bit dizzy, he suggested GENTLE brandt-daroff maneuvers, about 4 each side before bed, to move the crystals around and prevent clumping, and it seems to help. (They’re described on Dr. Hain’s site.)

For my daughter: nortriptyline works, it took a while to find the right dose: too high and she had terrible headaches, too low and she was dizzy all the time. When she feels “gross” she uses ibuprofen. When she was spinning, a low dose of ativan helped her.

Also, I avoid triggers: it means I can’t sail anymore, I can’t use a treadmill, and I try to avoid some head positions. I try and stay hydrated as well.

I have been taking Cipramil for years now and it mostly killed the dizziness in the past. But now it’s not so great and I’m tired of the side effects:

libido loss
weight gain
numb feeling

Currently playing around with Propranolol.

Cheers … Scott

Forgot to mention that valium works a treat - ie, benzos seem to work wonders for some migraineurs.

Hi Thornapple, i was wondering if you dont mind me asking what dose of verapamil do you take per day? they have put me on it for a heart related prob, and i’m hoping it works for my migraine, they say it takes weeks to get the benifits for migraine reliefe , is this so in youre case thankyou cheers jen

— Begin quote from "thornapple"

topamax did it, but I had to quit due to the hideous side effects. when I started talking like a robot and forgetting everything, that was it for me. Also, my hair fell out in handfuls.

verapamil seems to be keeping things mostly at bay.

diazepam is helpful occasionally…

— End quote

Sorry, I have been busy and not on this forum for a bit.

I am actually taking 40 mg in the morning and 40 at night. they suggested I take 120 mg, but it seems to work fine at 80, so why take more? also, it brings my blood pressure down, which has been creeping up. I took it concurrently with topamax, and since I went off topamax I have had hardly any migraine.

Some people have reported side effects with verapamil, but the only one I noticed was constipation, which is easily dealt with.

I forgot to mention that potato, tomato and bell peppers trigger migraine in me, so I avoid them like the plague, and all the food additives they come in. I have become a very creative cook because of this.

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