What med has the most succesful track record?

Hi all,

I want to know what med is the most effective overall. I know certain docs have they’re favorites and I know everyone is different, but which med has the best success rate. There has to be one that stands out more than all the rest as far as success goes. Is there a way to find this out? I’m talking about preventatives only and also no mixes.


Also, which med has the most tolerable side effects all across the board.


From what I’ve read, migraine preventatives are similar in their range of efficacy. What sets them apart is the comorbid symptoms one has. Uf you have depression/anxiety also, then an antidepressant makes sense. If you have high blood pressure, then a beta blocker might be in order. If you are overweight, topamax might be considered. The docs seem to favor tricyclics from what I gather. Most in favor of nortriptyline. The newer antidepressants have less side effects than the tri’s, but the tri’s are usually helpful with pain as well. So if headaches are bothersome, another check in the box for pro on the tri’s.
The book, Heal Your Headache, describes preventatives and their pros/cons well.
Hope that helps.