What med worked for dizziness?

My MAV causes me constant dizziness and disequilibrium.I do not have “spells” or “episodes”.Its been 22 days and I have not returned to a baseline. Basically if I am not laying down or asleep I feel like im floating or on a boat. I do not have a headache. I do get some ear pressure and popping especially on the right side. I am wondering if any of you out there have constant dizziness and what med worked for the dizziness? I read reviews of meds that help with the headache but its hard to find reviews of meds that combat the dizziness.

I take Nort and Zoloft…the Zoloft (Sertraline) was to help stop the last of my rocking sensation. My Dr says it works with 80% of his patients. It got rid of most of my dizziness. good luck… I hope you find a med that works for you.

hey kathy g,

was ur doc saying zoloft helped with 80% of patients, or was it the nori you meant? I remember you saying zoloft made you feel worse at first…how long until you got back to your baseline? how are things going for you now? are you still on 50 mg?

Lots of people here have chronic dizziness and disequilibrium so that is not unusual. Just because you don’t have episodes doesn’t mean it’s not MAV. Everyone is different in regards to the meds that have helped them. I would say the meds that seem to crop up here as helping most people are Nortriptyline/Amitriptyline, Topamax, Pizotifen. However there are loads more on top of that you could try. Have a read through other sections on this site and past posts to get more info x

Hey Sarah… I was on Nort to start and that wasn’t getting rid of the rocky boat feeling so he added Sertraline (Zoloft). 80% of his patients on Zoloft get rid of the rocky feeling. I felt like crap when I started taking Zoloft. Felt all spaced out… dizzy… it took about 10 days to get back to baseline. When I increased to 50 it was the same feeling for about 10 days. I am now at 97% most of the time. Except when the barometer falls… that gets me every time. How are you doing Sarah? Any meds help you? What % do you think you are at?

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Kathy that’s really interesting. I have done quite well on Nort but not having much luck with tolerating Gabapentin so am looking for an alternative second med. Am I right in thinking your specialist is Dr Rauch? He is a MAV expert isn’t he… Am interested in trying out anything he suggests. Zoloft is an SSRI isn’t it? Just wondered if it is usual to take an tricyclic antidepressant and an SSRI together? I thought there was a danger of serotonin syndrome. Not sure if anyone here in the UK takes Zoloft for MAV…would love to hear from anyone who does?? x

Has your doctor suggested any meds you can take while your are pregnant? Most of the usual ones prescribed are not recommended because of the risk to the foetus. Periactin is one that is suitable. It’s an anti-histamine that controls some of the dizzy symptoms.

hey kathy,

so i tried zoloft- 25 mg made me way more dizzy but didnt affect my balance- after 2 weeks on this dose the dizziness went back to baseline- went up to 50 mg balance even worse- i can barely walk as it is- after about a week at this dose i had to give it up- i couldnt get around the house even…same thing with topamax- i was at 25 mg for a month, balance even worse- never got back to baseline. i dont know maybe i did give up too soon on the zoloft but i cant even get out to do errands like this so its tough. i would say i am at 10-20% most days and pretty much housebound.

when the weather changes how much worse % do you get? what % is your worst day?

The med which reduces my dizziness by 80 to 90 percent is clonazepam(a benzo). Zoloft at 100 mg can also somewhat control it but nothing works as well as benzodiazepines. I also have constant dizziness 24/7.

Right now dr has me trying Propanolol 10mg three times a day. He says that it’s safe for the baby. I feel like its helping my anxiety a little but not the dizziness.