What next?

Well I tried the Prothiden (on the advice of Dr Hamalygi) but didn’t have any improvement after a few months. I wondering what to try next?

Also how do I go about obtaining a script from Dr Hamalygi since he is in Sydney and I’m in Brisbane? Do I see my GP and see if they can contact him?

Anyone had any success with any meds lately?

Hey Dizzy Loopy,

I responded to your post but accidently made it a New Post called Migraine Equivalent by accident…sorry. But if you read it…you will see that i did leave you a note.



Hi , dizzyloop,
now that you have a diagnosis form Dr H, you wouldnt have to go to him again , you can go to someone here in Brisbane, preferably a neuro , so that you that you can manage your meds saftly. to try a new med you will prob have to stop ur old med as some have interations, but just wait and sort that out with ur doc.
now that you have a diagnosis, you should be able to try what ever med he or she see’sfit for you condition.
good luck let me know how you go