What to add to Nortriptoline?

I can se that a lot in here have succes with Celexa. Does anyone know if its possible to add it to Nori? Or what else to add? I am on 25 mg. and I am not having the release I hope for. It makes me so very tired (and some other not so nice side effekts) so I would like to add something instead of going up.

Hopefully Kelley will see your post to help you with what might work best with Celexa. I am on 3 daily preventatives…Nortriptalyne, Verapamil and Effexor. All 3 of these are working their magic and I am at about 95% most days. Many of us need more than 1 daily preventative.


Thanks Pam,
What are your doses?

I am on 75mg Nortriptalyne taken at night
240mg Verapamil ER in the morning and 240 Verapamil ER taken at night
75mg Effexor XR taken in the morning (Effexor must be the name brand as generic is not equivalent)
I have been doing this for about 5 years now.

Wau, what a coctail :slight_smile: Thank you for the respons…