What to expect from dr Surentherin appt?

Hi all

I have a private appt with dr S on Friday … I’m both nervous and excited about it and I’m wondering what to expect while at the appt??
I’m coming over from Ireland for the appt and I’m hoping to gain as much information as possible while I’m there as it will most likely be the only time I will see him…
I’ve been sick with severe mav symptoms for nearly 3 years now and all treatment I’ve tried so far hasn’t worked…!
Thanks x

Hi Woody.

I’m in the USA so haven’t seen the good Dr. S., but just wanted to say I hope all goes well!

There were a few posts here where people chronicled what their 1st appointment with him was like, so you might want to do a search for “Dr. S appointment” or “Dr Surenthiran”, etc. - make sure to spell his name accurately, lol…

Again, best wishes :slight_smile:

Thanks for ur best wishes… Much appreciated x

Hi Woody,

I went to Dr Surenthrian privately on the 3rd of August, he will ask you about all your symptoms and history health wise. He will ask you if you have ever suffered from migraine. He will examine you. He will then give you a diognosis and explain to you how/why and what’s happening to you in depth. He will give you a diet to follow and possibly a medication called Nortripyline.

He will advise that you avoid stress, get regular sleep and go to bed at the same time each night and get up at the same time each day. He will tell you
That you need a regular pattern in your daily regime so your brain can rest in order for it to re learn.

I’m am very lucky that my diognosis has come early due to my second visit seeing a different GP that knew about Dr Surenthrian and MAV.

I saw Dr S, again in October and was asked to be part of some research being done through Kent University. The test results where reassuring as I now know that I have no permanent damage.

For my health and because I want a full recovery I resigned from my job. I have now started to feel a lot better and getting close to normal again I think.

Dr S, is really good you are going to see the best so your travel to see him is well worth it Woody!

If you want to ask my anything about MAV etc, please do and good luck!


Hi Kay,

that’s great news! I hope your recovery continues. If there are a few steps back, don’t be disheartened, keep doing the right things - as those that’ve recovered have said recovery is not a linear process. Let’s hope that it is for you, nonetheless ;).

Woody, tell us how your appt with the good Dr. go :smile: