What's verapamil target dose?

I am on verapamil SR 180, it has been good so far been on this dose for a week, but my specialist hasn’t left me with any further information of upping the dose when needing more relief. So i am wondering what the target dose is usually for verapamil SR? Thank you in advance

Hi Becky

I was on verapamil for a long time and it is good to give your Dr a call if you can before adjusting doses. If you go too fast you can get lightheaded and have other side effects (which might cause unnecessary giving up - none of us need this). I was never on more than 180 (except by absentminded accident one day and I dont recommend it!)

Copied this from Dr Timothy Hain:

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In our experience, verapamil is a very effective and inexpensive drug for migraine that takes about 2 weeks to work.We particularly favor this drug for persons who have high blood pressure, or who have nausea accompanying migraine. It is an excellent drug for “cyclic vomiting”. Usual dose is 120 to 240mg per day, SR or ER. SR means sustained release. We start with dose in mg roughly = weight of patient (in pounds). In other words, someone who weighs 120 lbs, would start on the 120 mg dose. We usually increase the dose if not effective at one month intervals. We do not increase beyond 240 mg/day, and we also do not increase if there is constipation or hypotension.

good luck!

Thank you so much for your reply :)! Yeah i will give his office a call tomorrow, i dont want to increase just yet but i did want to know if it would be increased anymore, if after a few weeks there was no change. Thanks again