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Do any of you think that wheat or wheat-based products are a personal trigger? I’m skeptical about this one because wheat tends to be pegged as the bad guy far too much – but hey, maybe I’m wrong and so I’m now thinking about doing some sort of elimination diet to see if there’s anything to this. Also, there’s a study in the Lancet back in 1979 which showed wheat to be a major trigger for migraineurs. I think Tran posted something once from another study where wheat came out on top as the biggest trigger in 100 subjects. Also, people with celiac disease are much more likely to have migraine.



I did the elimination diet years ago, for 3 months, the problem is, at the time, i did not know that I had reactive hypoglycemia so I wasnt getting a true result. I did find however, that after eliminating wheat entirely and adding it back in the form of two weetabix, 2 hours later, I had the worse migraine. I tested it a couple of times and it certainly was a trigger. Now, I eat it in much smaller quantities and its generally OK, if in a cafe and wanting a sandwhich, I will take one piece of the bread away. I can get away with a scone in a day and say one piece of bread although most days it will be one or the other. It can also cause the stomach problems you suffer from.

I usually substitute with potatoes as I love them.


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I’ve noticed that over the last 8 weeks symptoms have been worse overall for me with constant pain, mouth ulcers, IBS etc. and I’ve also been stuffing myself with a particular whole grain bread dialy too. Prior to that I was not eating much bread at all and was feeling better than this. Maybe a coincidence but I have to investigate.

What do you think of this site? It’s evidence-based but seems pricey too:


i like that they’re Australian … kinda makes me think it’s not a scam so much.


I can only tell you what I learned about myself: I tried wheat, or wheat+, eliminations a few times, with no noticeable results. True, I had not completed standard MAV elimination protocols (to the extent that there are standard ones, heh), but of themselves, the wheat and wheat+dairy eliminations had no noticeable effect on my well-being.

Hi Scott

Wheat is one of my biggest triggers. I’ve tried constantly to persuade myself it isn’t by testing and then more testing. I always think I’m going to be ok but I never am. Funny thing is, sometimes it takes up to three days to hit me. I don’t get the classic migraines with it but the dizziness. No doubt at all in my mind that it can be a powerful trigger.


The best alternate I have found to gluten as far as bread is concerned is Udi’s it taste like bread more than any other. They have a website with all kinds of products and locally Whole Foods carries a lot of their products. They are all very good . Link Below.


No I dont think it is for me really I live on bread and have through good and bad times its never helped hindered either way .

Maybe its something to do with ergot contamination. Didnt that drive people mad in the middle ages :shock: