WHen to start Preventive meds?

Can one start in the midst of on prolonged attack?

No reason not to that I’m aware of.

However, your question makes it sound like you may not be currently in touch with your doc about this - do you have preventive meds that were given to you by a doc specifically for MAV? If so, did you not take them right away? Maybe had only an occasional dizzy spell when doc prescribed them, decided maybe you’d tough it out and not take them, but now you’ve got dizziness constantly? I’m just trying to guess at why you wouldn’t have a doctor directing you to take your meds right now if he/she just prescribed them to you for this prolonged attack of dizziness.

If you have meds for MAV, but for some reason haven’t started taking them, I think your doc is the one you really need to be contacting now because it sounds like you’ve got reservations about your meds, and you probably need to discuss this openly with your doc. So sorry to hear you’re in the middle of a prolonged attack.

I started amitriptyline (then switched to nortriptyline after a month or so b/c of the dry eyes ami gave me) during a prolonged attack of rocking – I was probably 6-10 weeks into one. The meds helped after a couple of weeks, or maybe the attack just ended on its own.