When to take effexor...morning or night?

I have to start effexor and am going to go with Dr Hain’s 1/3 then 2/3rds then the whole 37.5. Never taken it before. Does it make you sleepy or keep you awake? Should I take it with food? Does it make you gain weight? Verapamil sure does, or else I am just eating like a little pig,'cause I have gained about 12 lbs in 2 months. Not moving much, though. Just miserable most of the time.
I am dizzy most of the time but have these waves or surges of really bad dizzy, not hard vertigo, where it used to take me to the floor and vomit. Not that anymore. Just a sick dizziness. I have been on verapamil 180 for 2 months. Shouldn’t that dizziness be gone by now??? Thanks for any help. Spinning Lady

this will be my next drug to try and my doctor said it’s very activating so to take it in the morning, otherwise, you’ll have a hard time sleeping at night. good luck!

Spinning lady
These meds either wire you or tire you, so you personally won’t know till you try it for yourself. I would take it in the am and dr hain says you can sprinkle it on applesauce. Not yogurt due to enzymes.
Look forward to hearing of your progress.