Where are you from?

I’m just curious as to where everyone on here is from. Has there ever been any get-togethers with people on this board? It would be so nice to meet others with MAV, and not have to explain myself when I’m walking a bit funny or propping my head up!

I am from Michigan, but grew up in the Chicago area. I also lived in Wollongong, Australia for a while, when I was doing study abroad. I’d go back there in a heartbeat if I wasn’t so fearful of flying with this condition! (I havent been on a plane in 3 years).

i am from Georgia and have lived here for most of my life now. We have lived in West Georgia for over 20 years as that is where we have raised our family.

I miss traveling as we have not been on vacation now for two years. Really ashamed as my family now has a place on the coast that we could visit anytime…

Born in Gary, Indiana, raised in Montreal (and outskirts) and currently living in Missouri.

I lived in NY all my life up to a few months ago when I moved to CT.

I am a New Yorker my whole life too… Yes, it would be great if we all lived around the corner from each other and could talk face to face (or just prop ourselves up against a wall with some valium to keep each other company as Victoria said…still so funny :lol: This forum is the next best thing…

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I lived in NY all my life up to a few months ago when I moved to CT.

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CT? Pardon my ignorance but what is that short for and where is it? :? I’m from the UK - currently living in the West Country, in Plymouth.

So sorry, brenda. It’s Connecticut, US. It’s a few hours from New York.

Thanks Lisa. All I could think of was CT scan! Shows my state of mind, eh? :slight_smile:

Philadelphia, PA area here.

I am currently in the suburbs outside of Chicago Illinois–about 45 minutes North. Waukegan to be more specific.

I grew up just north of Boston, Massachusetts and now live just south of Boston in Braintree.

I am close to Sarah. I work and used to live in Libertyville - a northern suburb of Chicago. But now my husband & I live with my sister & brother in law in Park Ridge -near OHare Airport.


Made in Canada but have spent the past 23 years in Sydney, Australia. Currently on holiday in Toronto. S

Australian- British, but raised in London, UK, thus considered a ´pom´by most of my family. I guess Im more British than Australian. My home is London, but its currently nowhere. My home at the moment is Cartagena, Colombia!

I’m from Sydney. Have lived here all my life other than a few years on the glorious north coast (Byron Bay) and six months in London.

So many people on here seem to be from the East Coast of the US. What’s doing with that?

I’m from Kristiansand, Norway.

Hi I am from Dartford, Kent, England. There are only 3 balance clinics in the UK with doctors trained to recognise this condition and I live 10 miles from one. However, it still took over a year to diagnose because I have 99% non pain symptoms.

Oxfordshire, in the UK.


I’m originally from San Jose, California…lived in San Francisco for a number of years but presently living in Diamond Bar, California…a Suburb of Los Angeles.


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There are only 3 balance clinics in the UK with doctors trained to recognise this condition

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Would you mind saying where they are Radhika? Thank you. Brenda