Where do I begin?

I’m not even sure I have MAV…

For the last several months, I feel as if I’m walking on a trampoline. When I run, I don’t have this sensation.

Lying down, I’m ok and when I first wake up, I think the problem is gone. So relieved. God, help me. Then I sit and try to stand, I feel great muscle weakness. Great. I’m dizzy when I stand. Then walking I feel as if I’m walking on trampoline. Eyesight is affected. Some light sensitivity. Even cognition and coordination of hands is impaired. For example, hard for me to type.

I stand, get dizzy, feel like I’m on a trampoline (did I say that already), this only increases my anxiety and makes things worse.

I’m hypo-t–lost my gland to I131 for Graves years (30 plus) ago. I now must take thyroid hormone daily. The thyroid hormone which I need makes the problem worse.

Help. That’s all I can say at the moment. Help.