Which alcoholic drink is the least worst for MAV

Terrible grammar in the subject there :smiley:

But if we do have a drink, is it better to have a beer, or white wine etc?

I try and stick to the clear spirits like gin, vodka or Bacardi – stuff like that. Drink a lot of water between drinks. Hic


It’s funny but way before I got MAV I always used to find I didn’t get that drunk or badly affected by barcardi and vodka etc but wine was just an absolute killer. Three sips of wine and I was drunk usually and any more I would be almost asleep, even in a loud nightclub or pub. Also terrible hangovers from wine. I think if I drunk a bottle of wine it would probably kill me! But oh for those days of fun and socialising pre-MAV! x

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I’ve had both white wine(lots) , bubbles (lots) & vodka & lemonade (lots!) , hangover wasn’t too bad considering…

Vodka definitely, but they all mess me up royally! So I stay well clear nowadays…

Riesling for me. Possibly sake.