Which antidepressant has worked for you?

I know there are different types of antidepressants and they effect your system differently but I am wondering which ones you would say have worked best for you?

In terms of not only addressing the vertigo symptoms, but also the anxiety and depression that seems to go along with this disease. I do not have the headache part that much anymore but the anxiety, depression seem to be getting worse over the last few weeks. My husband is very worried. The vertigo comes and goes…but just the inherent fear seems to be getting worse now .

I was thinking of trying the antidepressant route to see if I at least can get that under control.

Very med sensitive like many here…

Any thoughts or suggestions.

Prozac (probably) helped me before the MAV hit. It either helped or did nothing - so in other words, no harm.
After that I tried Lexapro which might have been what triggered my “real” MAV crash - it was all a slow progression until the day I couldn’t leave the house anymore. That was about a month after starting Lexapro, and the day BEFORE starting Remeron, which I still believe is making it a lot worse (the dizziness gradually increased the days after starting it). Problem is, I’m having huge problems coming off the damn Remeron.

That’s all the experience I have with various ADs - none taken for depression by the way, “just” major anxiety. I was actually given Effexor but after looking it up on the net I actually refused to take it, and got my doc to pick Lexapro instead. Not sure if I regret this or not, but given the withdrawal symptoms I get from relativity easy-to-quit ADs, and he wanted me to 225mg, I believe it was the right choice to NOT take it.

I tried the Lexapro and it was awful for me also. I stopped it after two days because the symptoms got so much worse.