Which book is correct?

I have just read The Migraine Brain in which it suggests eating nuts and yogurt as a snack to make sure we eat enough protein but in the book Heal Your Headache both yogurt and nuts are not allowed. Does anyone know which advice is correct please. As a vegetarian I am reliant on both of these foods as good sources of protein.

I highly doubt there is one right answer. I suspect the general consensus will be that whatever works for you is what you should do.

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It’s like the caffeine conundrum -a trigger for some , a cure for others :confused:
There’s a huge difference in ingredients between yogurts, and nuts are each different as well. Lots of choices in those categories!
I would think eliminate & reintroduce is the only way to know for yourself.
Tedious , but worth knowing for sure.

(In the process myself - cashews are no bueno, peanuts in moderation, but other nuts ok. Good to know)

Thank you for your advice. I have just ordered sunflower and pumpkin seed butters so I can leave peanut butter out as I have been concerned about it for a while but love it! Hopefully the seed butters will hit the spot. I make my own yogurt so I am hoping that because it is so fresh it is ok but once I have ditched the nuts I will try to sort out whether or not yogurt is a culprit. Good luck with your search too.

How fast are trigger responses generally?

Within a couple of hours usually.