Which medication worked best for dizziness and vertigo?

Hi guys,

I’m just wondering which medication worked best for your dizziness and vertigo symptoms? I know everyone is different, but I’ve been given a couple of options and I’m now not sure where to start haha.

My main issue is dizziness and vertigo at the moment, it’s constant and is preventing me from doing any normal activities.

I’ve been given the option of sertraline, venlafaxine, amitriptyline or beta blockers.

Any advice on where to start or what worked best for your dizzy symptoms would be fab :slight_smile:

Please use search. I particularly recommend the Big Med Poll.

Also look at pages linked on the Wiki page: Drug Treatment

There are several problems with Topics like this:

  • huge scope
  • but you’ll only get a small survey of people who have recently been on the site so it ends up ragged and incomplete
  • it’s very personal.
  • there is loads of info already on each of the drug classes. Dig a bit