Which neurologist?

Does anyone know of a good neurologist Oxford Swindon area. I need to go back to one as my GP says she cant give me verapamil as its unlicensed or something (cant understand this, I had it years ago), she didnt seem to know enough about this type of migraine. I have attended Queens London and dont want to do the travelling there again, want someone more local, if possible. If you dont want to put names here, can you email me privately.

Best Wishes

Hi Chris

I’m afraid I don’t know of a good neurologist in your area, I am from β€˜Oop North’. However, I did use this website to find a neuro-otologist in my area, so maybe it would be helpful to you?


Becky x

Hi Becky,

Wow, thanks a lot for that link, I just had a quick look and it looks a good place to find someone.

Thanks again.

No, I guess you don’t see Hain :slight_smile: