Which ones cause insomnia?

Well I am due back to see the neurologist on Thursday, having sat looking at the effexor, cymbalta and Topamax for the last few months!

One of my biggest problems is insomnia, some nights I only get two hours sleep, on a good night, 5. Is anybody taking anything that doesn’t cause insomnia, which I could suggest to the neurologist?

I keep leaning towards Cipramil, as it seems a bit milder than some of the others, anyone had any experiences with this drug?


Hi Chrsitine,

Cipramil was the only SSRI that didn’t jack me up when I first took it. I think it’s a good one to try out for anxiety and getting your sleep back in order. I’ve learned on this current holiday just how important sleep is. If I don’t get a regular night’s sleep the wheels come off almost immediately. It’s really important you get the anxiety and sleep back to normal and you’ll probably see your symptoms improve within a few days.


I too have had similar difficulty with Effexor and Nortriptyline. I think Scott has been on Cipramil in the past. Good luck!

Thanks for the replies. Sorry you are getting this Scott. I am off on a holiday next Friday, flying again and a bit scared after the vertigo last time and no sleep. If I get no sleep I am much dizzier and sweating and really struggling through the day, like you say, it is very important. I have read recently, someone took 5 HTP at night and not only slept well, but the headaches went. I will try that when I get back from the holiday, before I start on the (hopefully) Cipramil.

I was awake around the clock again last night, jittery and heart thumping, that’s on no preventative.

Yes, I had trouble on Nortriptyline as well in the past, and propranolol (once over 40 mg).